Sichuan Impression, East Los Angeles


In the central hub of Alhambra, a city located just outside Los Angeles, sits Sichuan Impression, the latest restaurant imagined by local designer, Jialun Xiong. With its leather-shaded chandeliers and calming color palette, the award-winning restaurant’s third outpost takes an elegantly pared-down approach to family-style dining with clean lines, humble materials, and subtle nods to traditional Chinese architecture. Situated within a 2,000-square-foot space, Sichuan Impression demonstrates Xiong’s ability to create openness in small spaces and find harmony in opposites: rustic materials refashioned with refined lines, and traditional silhouettes reinterpreted with contemporary sensibilities.


Family Friendly Modern Sichuan Cuisine Restaurant


Design creative directions, interior, furniture, and branding/VI direction


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