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           Hailing from Chongqing, China, Jialun Xiong is a Los Angeles-based designer exploring ideas of duality and creative restraint in her designs for interiors, furnishings, lighting, and accessories. Graphic, high-drama, and rigorously intentional, Xiong’s design objects push the boundaries of their construction, balancing positive and negative space as a means of heightening the experience of their users. Hovering between weightlessness and weighty, Xiong’s forms inspire a quiet contemplation and gentle focus that keeps one squarely grounded in the present.

Having studied interior architecture and furniture design, Xiong’s approach artfully balances positive and negative space, always considering the relationship between objects and spatial volumes. Inspired by the mountainous landscape and high-rise architecture of her hometown in Chongqing as well as the functional minimalism of the International Style of architecture, Xiong creates spatial environments and furnishings with an abstract geometric bent that precisely frame the human experience happening within. Always aiming for holistic and integrated spaces, Xiong’s designs encourage a heightened awareness of every material detail, inspiring a ceremonial attitude where slowing down and finding presence is celebrated. Xiong’s work has been featured in exhibitions and publications worldwide, with her designs for restaurants, commercial, and residential spaces emerging across Los Angeles and beyond.